“A Symphony: Peace and Love” by Shaqiera Ladhu

A symphony of words,
Pieced together to rhyme,
An orchestra of celebrations,
To The Imam of the Time

May the stanza’s bow down,
In your light and your grace,
Set the verses ablaze,
With the Noor from your face

The letters flow together,
Like the droplets in a river,
That fall into an ocean,
Of love and pure devotion

Tum meri hai zindagi,
Tum meri hai bandagi,
You are my life to me,
You are my bandagi…

Oh Imam to me,
you are so dear,
And what better time to express this,
than your golden year?

Fifty years we celebrate,
you have been on the throne,
And we know that with your guidance,
we have never been alone.

You have inspired, aspired and been admired,
By all your submissive murids,
You have planted all over the world,
The fruit of love blooms from those seeds..

Your Noor is your lighting,
The world is your stage,
And fifty years of your directing,
Has brought this golden age.

All you have done,
To help the nations,
Fifty years gone by,
Now here’s your standing ovation!

Your murids rise up,
Tears in their eyes,
Reciting salawaats,
That reach beyond the skies….

Your holy Noor has beamed its light
through every institution,
Purifying the worldly waters
of anti-peace pollution….

If love be the magic,
you are the magician,
Uniting the world,
with your inspired intuition,

And your murids are beside you,
with support and devotion,
We march right behind you,
as you part the ocean….

Clearing a trail purer
than any ever seen,
You guide us through that path,
and call it siratul mustaqeem.

In peace I am,
one with Islam,
In love I am,
with my Imam…


Shaqiera was born in London, UK, in 1992. She has been writing poems since the age of eight years old when she was first taught basic poetry at school. Ten years on she is still expanding her creative horizons – learning, loving and living to write. Now, through lyrical expression and with the utmost sincerity, she conveys her ongoing affection and gratitude to our beloved Imam.

Please click The Festival of Poetic Expressions for more poetry and photos from the event.

2 thoughts on ““A Symphony: Peace and Love” by Shaqiera Ladhu

  1. The best I have read in praise of the Imam in a long time. Mashallah, beautifully expressed sentiments on behalf of all the loving murids of the Imam.

    May Mowla Bless you and and keep you under His protection as always and guide you to achieve the heights of glory, Ameen.


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