Khalil Merali: “Because You Care” and “The World Today”

Khalil portrait

Profile: My name is Khalil Merali and I am 13 years old. I live in Vancouver. I first started writing poetry when I was 11. My main inspiration comes from my walk home from school. It is a very ‘green’ walk and it is nice to get close to nature. However there are always cars and trucks going by and it makes you think about the environment and lets your mind wander into what the world has become.

Because You Care

Motivation and Inspiration for “Because you Care”: I wrote this piece when I was thinking about Hazar Imam coming to Canada and I was anxious to see him come here. I also thought about how years ago you could travel with the Imam and be his companion for his journeys. Today we do not see the Imam as much and it felt that we were always very physically apart. From that I wrote this poem.

You have always been there for me.

You are always by my side,

And by those of all the murids I see,

That can not be denied,

You help the world,

You do it with every last breath,

You let the secret of world peace be unfurled,

You help us after death,

But why?

Why do you love us so much?

I wonder to myself with a sigh,

Why does my heart respond to your holy touch?

You’re our Imam, that’s why,

That’s something I can’t deny.


The World Today

Motivation and Inspiration for “The World Today”: My inspiration for this poem came from my walk home, where I see careless people throwing garbage into the forest. It made me think about what the world has come to, and the respect that we show for the world. At the same time I thought about the less fortunate and that also made me think about how the human race has fallen, and at the same time, taken the world with it.

I see war,

I see destruction,

I see pollution galore,

I feel spiritual obstruction,

I see the homeless,

I see the poor,

Effort for change seems fruitless,

The world is going downhill for sure!

But, there is always hope!

Step by step, day by day,

I know by holding onto your rope,

That we can change our way,

We can move out of darkness,

And into light,

We can save ourselves with simple progress,

And do what’s right,

The world may be twisted,

But from you we are always assisted.

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