Khalil Merali: "Preparation" and "You are There"



Your light is always there,

Always in my soul, everywhere,

And I know life is never fair,

But when I lift my hands in pray’r

I know that it is by your will,

And everything happens for a purpose, ‘till,

My soul leaves this earth,

And is ready for spiritual rebirth,

Until then I must prepare,

Without preparation I won’t get anywhere,

Golden Jubilee is here,

Your presence is so very near,

I know I must groom my soul,

So I can be ready for deedar in whole,

Khudavind we are waiting

Our love will not begin abating.





You are There


Allah is my one and only,

I turn to Him when I am lonely,

He is my mother and father,

My heart yearns for Him with undying hunger,

I do my best day and night,

To bring my soul closer to your light,

My Imam has your light,

And he holds me dear and tight,

He always has time for all of us,

Teaching generosity and love,

When you are near my soul flutters like a dove,

My soul longs for your deedar,

But I know you are never far,

For your Golden Jubilee Year,

I’ve been praying to bring you here,

I hope my soul is prepared,

For your love has me ensnared,

I wish I could give you more,

I wish I could give you precious ore,

But all I have is my love and this poem,

I pray this will draw you to my home.




Khalil Merali composed these poems in September 2008, in preparation for the Golden Jubilee visit of His Highness the Aga Khan to Canada.

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