The Karbala Tragedy: Muslim and Non-Muslim Expressions on Imam Hussain (A.S.)

Two Readings on “The Chief of the Youth of Paradise”


“The Governor of Iraq dispatched a great army against him [Husayn], and the people of Kufa, cowed and frightened, left Husayn to his fate. ‘The heart of Kufa is with thee,’ reported a messenger, ‘but its sword is against thee.’ On the plain of Karbala by the Euphrates river he drew up his little band in battle order, facing 4,000 troops. The Governor demanded unconditional surrender. He and his people resolved to die.”….Charles Le Gai Eaton, ‘Islam and the Destiny of Man’

Please click: Muslim and non-Muslim Expressions on Imam Hussain

Please click for "Muslim and non-Muslim Expressions on Imam Hussain" and also see below for link to second piece. Credit: "Ya Hussain" calligraphy from wallpaper designed by Mohammad Sajjad, Reproduced with permission.



Ibn-e-Sa’d: If you pay homage to Yazid, everything will go well for you and whatever worldly comforts and priviliges you desire will be at your disposal

Imam Hussain: Tell Yazid to tempt with the worldly comforts those who are after this world. I am the Imam, the representative of the Apostle of God. Hussain will cheerfully meet any catastrophe but never surrender Truth to falsehood.

Please click: Karbala Tragedy


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