Imam as the Source of Salvation

The notion of the Imam of the time (Hazar Imam) as the source of human salvation was underscored by Nizar Quhistani, in the following verse:

“Salvation is to be found in the Imam of the Time.

I found the essence of faith in obedience to the command of his representative.

I have given up everything except that contained in the Quranic verse ‘offspring, one of the other’.

Ever since I found the Imamate, permanently in human form, I have known no other guide than the living, everlasting Imam,

For in his command, I have found peace in both the worlds.”

The necessity of a living Imam in every age according to the changing needs and circumstances of people is echoed in the following lines:

“My lover appears in different forms,

Because for each period there comes a new guidance;

One after the other, there  follows another Qaim  Imam Ali.”

Source: The Ismailis in the Middle Ages: A History of Survival, a Search for Salvation by Shafique N. Virani, Hardcover – May 3, 2007

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