Where there is Bliss and Prosperity

Poet:  Nasir Khushraw

Run to the sanctuary of the safe house,
which is surrounded by bliss and prosperity;   

"I have composed this poem like a necklace of pearls" - Khushraw

"I have composed this poem like a necklace of pearls" - Khushraw


He brings souls out of their darkness
and draws out fruit from their outer skin

You see him as the rising sun of clarity
and as the river of abundant bounty.

By his brilliant wisdom, hearts are cured,
and by his copious mercy, they are revived

He manifests himself in every age
and creatures are not guided except by him

His mission is established in the world
exalted with sings clear and recognizable

He certainly is Mustansir, the triumphant
the one by whom everything became prosperous

He is the best of Fatima’s progeny
the scion of Zahir and the grandson of Hakim

He is God’s mercy on his servants
and the mine of provisions in the hereafter

I have composed a poem about him
like a necklace of pearls and gems strung together

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