“What is the Releationship Between You and Me?” by Maherun Nisa Pradhan

Tare Mare Kevi-Re Sagai


You are the Sun, I am a ray,
You are the Poet, I am the poetry,
You are the Guide, I am the guided,
You are the Ocean and I am a river.
What is our relationship?

From thee unfathomable ocean,
(I) sometimes exist in the clouds,
sometimes in the lake,
sometimes streaming by the river,
I am the trifling tiny droplet.
What is our relationship?

Roaming and wandering (in search of its identity),
This tiny drop has reached the Holy Abode – Jamatkhana,
Where it heard in the Firman
‘My beloved Spiritual Children.’
(Upon hearing this) the unenlightened heart is asking the Mawla,
What is our relationship?’

Shedding all illusions after finding truth (essence),
The inner recesses of my heart have opened,
The soul has found realization that
You are the Spiritual Father and
I am your Spiritual child.

I have been seeking (You) for ages, (until) I found (my) Creator,
(At last) I found the Glorious Knower of  All Things.
Hailing from the progeny of Nabi Muhammad and Mawla Ali
The bearer of Noor-e Panjtani Pak,
I recognized my Lord Shah Karim.

Such is my Spiritual Lord that
He is highly respected in the world,
Amongst monarchs, citizens, executives, ministers, the wise and the scientists
He is a highly recognized dignitary,
And this is how my Shahdatar excels above all.

Having dedicated your enormous resources through AKDN,
You have opened the doors to access education,
And to serve entire humanity;
Such you are the Generous Lord.

Whether there are floods or droughts,
Storms or (natural) upheavals,
(You and your institutions) are ever alert,
During war or battle,
FOCUS is ever quick to help;
Such you are my Compassionate Lord.

Over fifty years of your Imamat,
You have used your resources for the poor and the weak,
Afforded education to the illiterate,
And provided health care and service to the sick;
You are the best of all the guardians, the Benevolent.

On this auspicious occasion of Golden Jubilee,
What humble gift can we present to you?
(Our Lord!) with devotion and love,
We present to you the gift of Time and Knowledge,
O! the Provider of Abundance.

We offer not only material gifts,
But we also offer our self sacrifices;
Whatever pleases my Lord,
We shall offer all and everything.

I have become intoxicated in your love,
With delightful and joyous heart,
I have become ecstatic (in your love).

I have (been fortunate) to experience and
Savour enlightenement through you.
My Mawla, it is from the depths of my soul
That today I have realized
Such (unique and personal) is the relationship
Between you and me.


Maherun Nisa Pradhan

Maherun Nisa Pradhan’s poem Tare mare kevi-re Sagai?” was in Gujarati. The above is an English translation.

Please click Expressions of the Golden Jubilee: “The Festival of Poetic Expressions” for more poetry and photos from the event.

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