Zahira Virani: "The Morning Sun"

Excited, mesmerised momins, full of expectancy, full of love and joy
Communal love beyond any I have ever witnessed
An empty reservoir waiting to be filled
A hungry child awaiting its delayed meal
The desert gasping for its monsoon

Roses, jasmine and freesia release clouds from the intoxicating agarbati
Rising and raising me higher and higher till I land on a cloud
I become an eagle that soars to dazzling heights in expectation
That knows the further it goes the more bounteous its reward

Down to earth, bustling shuffling, quick fire steps of volunteers
Salwaat continuous, rolling around in echoes and ripples of anticipation
Waezeen moving off the stage and evoking a collective in-take of breath
Then chokingly a salwaat comes out trickling water on a dry plant
Gently, gently but truly, truly
A teasing moment till it spills forth the presence of Our Lord!

Overwhelmingly a wave upon a wave of heat envelopes my heart and my mind
I lose my ability to focus, through an uncontrollable gush of tears
I find my head bows, surely my eyes are not worthy
To glimpse his face
Yet the presence opens a door in my heart, where I can see glory beyond my dreams
The family of momins around me embrace me without arms, we are one
I am in union with them and my Lord
We are a garden of flowers resplendent in the glory of the morning sun


Zahira Virani

Please click Expressions of the Golden Jubilee: “The Festival of Poetic Expressions” for links to more poems and photos from the event.

Editor’s note: The image shown at the top of the poem is not part of the original submission by the contributor. Morning Sun Photo Credit: Copyright.

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