Hamida Madhani: “Dizbad”, “Mystical Dance”, “Mubarak”, “Essence of Life” and “The Majestic Horse”

Artist: Hamida Madhani
Location: Georgia, USA
Profile: Hamida Madhani is a Georgia based contemporary artist, creative director and designer. Her fascination with art began at a very young age which led her to pursue her education in visual communication and digital art. Her art has been commissioned by collectors internationally and has been exhibited in galleries in the US.

Hamida Madhani

Artist Statement: For me art is the mirror of a culture and its world view. It is not restricted to a particular medium. The focus of my art is to create magnificent and powerful images that express my soul while embodying the essence of my subject, to celebrate the beauty and richness of my cultural heritage and to the promote understanding and tolerance of Islam through the medium of art.

My art somehow seems to reflect my emotions and is inspired by something deep within me and from my experiences; from the impact of modern European art masters, to the celestial and terrestrial forms around me, to cultures of the exotic lands I have visited.

Although I work with various Medias, including, acrylics, ink, canvas and fabric I seem to be drawn towards the digital one much more than others. Somehow the digital media allows giving me greater spontaneity and flexibility going beyond the barriers of traditional media. As an artist I find compelling joy in participating in this unfolding paradigm.

It is not quite clear to me whether my artistic affinities or my computer-related work is most important to me. Sometimes, I cannot see any clear-cut boundary between them. I regard myself as an artist who has turned the computer screen into her canvas. For me digital art begins in the mind of the artist with a notion of synthesis, using all the software tools and the traditional processes together to make something that has not yet been imagined.


Photo of the original frontispiece

Theme: “Dizbad Jamatkhana – Frontispiece Modern Rendering”
Media: Digital using drafting and paint programs ( 48″ x 28″)
Inspiration: I was asked to graph the frontispiece of the Dizbad Jamatkhana in Iran to be displayed for the Golden Jubilee Didar Hall.  The original Jamatkhana  has a lot of calligraphy (see photo, above) but I was given the challenge to recreate the  piece without using any of the calligraphy.  The rendering  shown below is the result of that challenge.

Dizbad Jamatkhana  – Frontispiece Modern Rendering


Theme: “Mystical Dance”
Media: Mixed media painting on canvas (33″ x 24″)
Inspiration: This painting is inspired by the poetry of Mowlana Rumi “Let the beauty we love be what we do.”
Notes: The artwork was created for the AKF Partnership Walk 2010.

“Mystical Dance”


Theme: “Essence of Life”
Media: Digital painting on canvas (36″ x 36″)
Inspiration: The painting explores the complexity and intricacies of life. The vibrant colors symbolize the cosmic spectrum within which all life is sustained. It is hand sketched using pressure sensitive stylus which allowed me to apply varying levels of pressure as I painted directly on the screen using illustration and simulated natural media software.
Notes: This piece was created for the exhibition at various venues.

“Essence of Life”


Theme: The modern calligraphy reads “Mubarak”
Media: Mixed media painting, Acrylics and pigment ink, on canvas (32″ x 24 “)
Notes: This painting was commissioned for a private residence



Title: “The Majestic Horse”
Media: Mixed media on canvas (20″ x 22″)
Inspiration: I based the work on a photo I came across of His Highness the Aga Khan. I did this portrait because of my love for horses. It is part of my personal collection.

“The Majestic Horse”

Date art work posted on Simerg: January 12, 2011
Date updated: March 23, 2011 (adddition of Dizbad Jamatkhhana Frontispiece)

© Hamida Madhani


Hamida has exhibited her works as follows:

– Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) Partnership Walk, Atlanta GA, 2003 – 2010
– Emory University Art Gala, 2010
– The High Museum of Art Atlanta, GA, 2009
– Georgia Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta GA, 2009
– Vila Costa Luci, Florida, 2008
– AKDN Exhibition, Expression of Love & Devotion, Atlanta GA, 2008
– AKDN Exhibition, Expression of Love & Devotion, Houston TX, 2007
– Focus Art Gala, San Diego CA, 2007
– Contemporary Art Gallery, NY, 2006
– Illuminations, Atlanta GA, 2002

To view more of her works please visit her Web site Hamida Madhani Studio


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29 thoughts on “Hamida Madhani: “Dizbad”, “Mystical Dance”, “Mubarak”, “Essence of Life” and “The Majestic Horse”

  1. Hamida, We look forward to welcoming you and your specially commissioned Art at the International Ginan Conference in London on 29-30th October 2011.

  2. Dear Hamida

    Ya Ali Madad

    What a wonderful job, congratulations for the fantastic art.

    Keep it up

    Thanks for sharing

    Anwar Allahwala

  3. You have done such a wonderful job, specially the one with Mawlana Hazar Imam and the horse. This is good and very creative work and it makes us happy to see passionate people like you.

  4. I am really proud of what you are doing. I hope to see your collection one of these days when I am in Atlanta, Inshallah.

  5. Ya Ali Madad, Hamida.

    You are a truly gifted artist that has an amazing talent. Your work of art has inspired my son deeply.

  6. Hallo Hamida,

    Good job. Impressive colours in your expressive paintings. The Mystical Dance reminds me of a song called “Whirling Dervish” by the group Thin White Rope.

  7. Each single piece of artwork is excellent. All the expressions are very touching and moving. Your feeling for colours and the combination of colours is fantastic.
    Congratulations for the fantastic work you have done.

  8. I am very impressed that my cousin is so talented. All the expressions are very touching and moving. I was very proud to share these arts at my company.

    Great work, keep it up.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great art work and brilliant talent – proud you are an Ismaili. Keep up the magnificent work!

    Alnoor Visram

  10. Hamida, no words can describe the beauty of your arts. They are simply breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us.

  11. It is a great pleasure to have a look at your art works. Each single piece of artwork is a miracle in itself. Your feeling for colours and the combination of colours is fantastic. I hope you will get a chance to present your art works in Germany.

  12. Hamida’s thoughts, creativity and most of all her impressive pieces of art have always been a great source of inspiration for me. I feel most fortunate to have her in my life and wish her every success in all her present and future endeavours.

  13. Your art – how beautifully poetic. Peaceful and spiritually unplifting.

    I wonder if you would be interested in painting for a poetry book?

    Thank you

  14. Hi great artist,

    What a wonderful arts. We the friends from Germany are proud for you, Since you use to be in Deutschland long time ago, but we still count you as ours. Why don’t you exhibit your valuable arts in Germany. We all will help you to make this event a great success. Looking forward for ‘The Hamida Madhani’s art exhibition’ in Germany.

    Mit liebe Gruße

    Sam Johannes

  15. Hi Hamida. What can I say. Your work is heartwarming and beautiful. My heartiest congratulations. Keep up the good work.

  16. Wonderful Hamida! Your artistic works have a very distinctive style and express something mystically intangible yet intimate – revealing tremendous love, beauty, and intelligence.

  17. Hamida is obviously a very inspired and talented artist.

    I am working on the possibility of creating paintings which reflect core messages or symbols in Ginans. Many ginans have these visual expressions and our artists should consider applying their talent to express what a ginan or a particular verse conveys to the artist.

    I would be interested in Hamida’s own views on this project, and whether she would like to consider it.

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