Nurin Merchant: "Fish", "Anasazi Pot", and "Whale Tea Set"


This piece was hand built using earthenware clay. After it hardened, it was fired (in other words, baked) in a kiln (an oven like apparatus used to bake clay) and was painted using glaze. The piece was then reinserted into the kiln, which gave it its glossy finish.


Anasazi Pot

This pot was hand built using a complex technique practiced by the Anasazi People, a Southwestern Indian culture. After the pot was shaped, it was burnished (a fancy term for polished) using both a smooth rock and the back of a spoon. It was then decorated, and fired in the kiln. The entire process took approximately one month.


Whale Teapot, Sugar Bowl, and Creamer

My passion for whales inspired me to create this functional tea set.


Note: Click on image for enlargement

Article publication date: Monday, August 9, 2010

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