Simerg Blend – A Selection of Readings Published in 2011

Simerg published over one hundred fine pieces in 2011. Simerg Blend is a varied selection from these readings for you to enjoy during the holiday period leading into the New Year – 2012! The coming year…. As Simerg prepares to mark its third anniversary in March, we propose to  launch an exciting new educational series under the title The Name Is….The aim will be to provide thematic portraits of great historical figures […]

A Tribute to His Highness the Aga Khan on His 75th Birthday – Part III

ISMAILI SCHOLARSHIP, RESEARCH AND RELIGIOUS EDUCATION FOR THE JAMAT   “Founded in 1977 by H.H. Prince Karim Aga Khan, the Institute of Ismaili Studies in London, UK, functions today as a gathering point for the Ismaili community’s interest in its own history and in its relationship with the larger world of Islamic scholarship and contemporary […]

A Letter to Charles Darwin from Galapagos

A  Letter to Charles Darwin By Mohezin Tejani Dear Charles, Back in geological time, five million years ago when the sea bed of the crystal blue Pacific thrust its mighty force upwards concocting new volcanoes now called the Galapagos Islands, who would have imagined that this archipelago would become the Nature center of our universe […]


In celebration of our 2nd anniversary, Simerg announces a new section called Essays and Letters. This will be a venue through which we will seek to bring the best writings in fiction, nonfiction, art, film, theatre and literature written by Ismaili writers – those who have established themselves in literary circles as well as anyone who has a love and […]