Spoken Words, Written Words – Words of Wisdom, Words from the Heart, Words from the Mind and Sacred Words.  Simerg wil seek to bring to you these Voices.

We will reach out to people to capture their thoughts and ideas. Our questions might appear to be thoughful,  outright dumb or silly.

You can tell us who we should talk to, who we should learn from and be inspired by.

The world is full of dynamic and creative people.


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One thought on “Voices

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading interesting “literary reading”, they are short and very inspiring – leaves a reader motivated to go into more depth and details.

    Regarding bilal rajan’s interview he is amazing – the child is born with a mission; he is guided and directed. Bilal is and will be a pride for ismaili community. Excellent questioning on his personal side, his interests and more on his work. so much to learn from this little child. It has set me thinking how can and what can i do to improve this world.

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