Shellyza Moledina: Mawla's Eyes, Soul of the Girl and The Jubilee Song

Shellyza Moledina, passionate about science...and poetry

Shellyza Moledina, passionate about science...and poetry


Profile: Shellyza Moledina is a university student currently enrolled in a Pharmacy degree in the United Kingdom. Aside from having a substantial passion for science and healthcare, this 21 year old is also a poet and singer and lyricist. Shellyza currently has one album titled Your Light Inside, which is composed of eleven English songs about themes such as spiritualism, natural beauty, and life lessons. The three compositions included here were originally written as poems, and then edited to become songs. Shellyza aims to one day work in international health, along with working on her poetry and songwriting career.

There are three poems by Shellyza on this page – Mawla’s Eyes, Soul of the Girl and The Jubilee Song, each with its own motivation and inspiration.

1. Motivation and Inspiration for “Mawla’s Eyes”: The idea for this poem came at a dandiya-raas in England, where the ‘smiles and the faces of all the Mu’rids were different, but the feet moved in the same direction’. In this poem, the mu’rid continues to describe the perception and love of the jamat from Mawla’s Eyes. The poem was later edited to become a song, which received over 20,000 views when it was posted on Youtube. To see the edited song, please click:

Also visit her blog at


Mawla’s Eyes 

see them dancing there
i can see them
different faces and smiles
but one motion
and the truth is plain to see
we are unite for Jubilee
celebrating with pure glee
to see our dear Mawla
and in our Mawla’s eyes
everyone is equal
Life is beautiful
through each rock and leaf
forgiveness granted infinite times
blissful laughter, music chimes
I see the world in silence and peace
… in our Mawla’s eyes
when he puts a hand on my shoulder
burden seem suddenly less colder
problems seem so immaterial
I realize what life is all about 
in grief you were blinded by your pain
didn’t see the forgiveness you’d attained
start off new,
you’re in Mawla’s eyes
in our Mawla’s eyes
we are his children
we were meant for light
right now in the dark
we complain of lack of money
we say we’re a little lonely
he says please do not worry
be happy and you’re free
‘cause he’s there
in each of our



2. Motivation and Inspiration for “Soul of the Girl”: The song talks about a girl who realizes that there is a silent beautiful presence resting inside of her. The constant reminding that the patient being is still present, gives the girl energy and motivation to continue to excel in her personal life.

Soul of the Girl

There was a girl I used to know –
Her sweetest smile when I was low,
Full of dreams, yes she was –
Saw the best , ignored others flaws,
She loved peaceful quiet, she loved the world –
Her purpose was no-ble, yet she was just a girl…..

 …. what I didn’t tell you darling –
Her soul was in me… 

She said, stop the stress about your life –
And see the birds taking flight.
A newborn horse standin’ on his own –
The song of the wind when the leaves are blown
Now see the knowingness in the silence –
Now see the light beyond the miles. (pause)

 …what I didn’t tell you darling
Her soul is in me… 

She said just love and laugh and smile –
See beyond workin’, it’s worthwhile,
Watch the toddler with pigtails –
Hug her mother without fail,
Now see my mind awoke from confusion –
Now see the beauty to this song, 

….what I didn’t tell you darling
The girl’s soul was in me….

She said don’t feel sad about the people
Behind those layers is somethin’ beautiful
Now just be noble and good hearted
Don’t feel alone and don’t feel parted
I’ll be with you forever more
I am your mind, your heart and soul (stretch) 

….what I might have told you darling
That soul is in me…. 

She was my arms when I couldn’t reach
She was my hope when I couldn’t speak
She was my eyes when I couldn’t see
She’s livin’ inside me as I breathe
Now before you leave, darling hear me true
That girl’s soul is livin in you (pause)

Now what are you going to do,
That soul is in-side of… you


3. Motivation and Inspiration for “The Jubilee Song”: These lyrics are spiritual in nature, and they talk of someone who becomes spiritually rejuvenated after a very long period of weakened faith. This mu’rid suddenly realizes how much her Mowla loves her. Before writing this song, the author was shy about singing in front of big audiences, but she actually sang this one solo, two weeks after writing it, at an Expressions show in August 2007. To see these lyrics with audio and a slideshow, please visit

The Jubilee Song 

when I found myself in times of trouble, He is the one who came to me
speaking words of wisdom
and I was broken hearted, He was standing right in front of me
i was full of sins but he smiled,
he said Jubilee can’t you see, just be happy, your Soul is free
now hold your head in prayer
… Jubilee
i’ll start a new beginning, go to morning prayer regularly
he’s the one who gave me everything
…Shah Karim…
although we may be parted, we unite internationally
to serve our Mowla Bapa
… Jubilee
Shah Karim it’s my first Jubilee, can’t you see,
that i love you, love you 50 times
… Jubilee

and when the night is cloudy, there is still a Light that shines on me
descended from Muhammad
… say Ya Ali

I wake up to the sound of music, says girl just serve your community
light shinin’ through tomorrow
….it’s the Jubilee…

 he said Jubilee can’t you see, just be happy, your Soul is free
now hold your head in prayer
… Jubilee

Shah Karim it’s my first Jubilee, can’t you see,
that i love you, love you 50 times
… Jubilee

3 thoughts on “Shellyza Moledina: Mawla's Eyes, Soul of the Girl and The Jubilee Song

  1. Hi,

    Your article in the section “I Wish I’d been There” and the wonderful poetry expressing your love and any murids’s love for his Imam is so heart warming.

    Please keep up the good work.

    Altaf Hajiyani

  2. You no doubt express feelings for our Imam, ever-living Guide and as Sufis say their Sheykh who inspires them spiritually to look into the world of yonder, beyond Duniya, or materialism. Thanks for your illuminations!

  3. Hi,

    I would like to give loads of congrats about that awesome effort you have done for Our Mawla (GOD BLESS YOU).

    I am a music lover as well. AWESOME WORK KEEP IT UP.

    Best Regards

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