Navyn Naran: Transcendence – of physical to Spiritual

Transcendence – of physical to Spiritual

Mawlana Hazar Imam being greeted by two young children as he arrives in Syria for his Golden Jubilee visit.

                                 By Navyn Naran 

    can i be the little girl on tiptoe leaning up to kiss  Your cheek?
may i be the  fragrant rose petals thrown under Your  Noorani Feet?
can i be the soft breeze that cools the heat around You from the sun?
may i be the scent of Aiglemont forest green through which You run?
may i be the comb streaming through Your hair?
may i be the silk worm making royal silk adorning Your wear?
may i be the pearls that surround Your sherwani neck?
may i be the perfect snow Your skis, they glide on this fleck? 

   what may i do for You, my Lord?
how do i give my time in prayer, as us You’ve told?
what other excuses do i make for You kindly to accept?
what more do i want in forgiveness for my greed in life’s respect? 

   may i be the mountains whose grandeur pales in Your name?
may i be the star whose light arose from Your Flame?
may i have the vision the Magnificent shows You to me?
may i be the strength  which on  that day You infused into me? 

    bring me to You my Lord, have  Mercy
    bring your Face close to mine as my soul yearns for Thee
    make me Yours, make my Life  fulfill its Destiny
    Your Work to be Done, with the Breath You Breathed into me?
make me humble and in  brilliance this Blessing uphold
may i be the sweet child  as You wish my soul to unfold
may i be the purpose from that  clot that You made
may i rise to the Haqq, my prayer strong and staid. 

may i be the little girl  reaching up on tiptoe to kiss Your cheek?
may i be the  fragrant, loving rose petals under Your Blessed feet?


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