Naznin Virji-Babul: Artist Profile and Statement


Naznin Virji-Babul sculpts to find meaning in life

Naznin Virji-Babul sculpts to find meaning in life

Profile: I am a neuroscientist and sculptor – people often ask if I sculpt as a “hobby” or to “relax” – I do not: relaxing makes me tense.  I sculpt for the same reason I do science – to find beauty and meaning in life.  For me the practice of science and art involve parallel journeys of discovery – journeys full of struggle and passion to understand the meaning of patterns in nature, or to create and reflect the meaning of nature.

Artist’s Statement: I have been working in clay and stone for the past few years, using both mediums to create works to express my struggle to break through the bonds of contentment and complacency to understand the essence of our existence.  In many ways the process of creating using clay and stone involve totally opposite processes – with clay one starts with an idea, building from an abstract idea to a final physical form; in stone one starts with a unformed block  – full of potential and gradually chiseling and polishing to reveal the beauty of the form underneath.  I find both processes stimulating, inspiring me to search for new ways to express my passion.

List of Exhibitions: 
1. Encountering Islam:  Collecting, Scholarhsip and Contemporary Visions Maltwood Gallery, Victoria B.C. March 28, 2003 – May 7, 2003
2. Ainah Exhibit:  Roundhouse Community Centre, May, 2003.
3. The Art of Resistance:  Rogue Gallery, Victoria. November, 2003
4. Char Bagh: Roundhouse Community Centre, April, 2007

Artist Short Form in this website: NV-B

Simerg Gallery:
Please follow the links shown below to view images of some of her works:
Naznin Virji-Babul: Kashf (Unveiling) and Touched by the Essence 
Naznin Virji-Babul: Woman Making Roti and Struggle 

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