Imam Mustansir bi'llah on How to Strengthen Faith

Said Imam Mustansir bi’llah in Pandiyat Jawan Mardi (Counsels of Chivalry): 

“O, believers, O, pious ones! 

Now is the time when you should strengthen religion (din), by helping each other, by trying to gain knowledge, by advancing the religious cause, and striving to make your faith complete. 

Gain safety by obeying the Imam of the time, and become completely obedient to his orders. 

Do unhesitatingly what you are told by the blessed word of the Imam, – then you will attain (real) salvation. 

Follow the Imam of your time strictly, so that he may take you under his protection, helping you, granting you victory and relief. 

And obedience to the Imam, attention to his word, will bring about the healing of spiritual ailments and lead to soundness and clarity of the heart. 

For a background on the “Counsels of Chivalry”  please see: 

Literary Reading: Imam Mustansir bi’llah on the Importance of Zaheri and Batini Aspects of Didar

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