Shahira Patni-Tejpar: "Chai Time" and "Lapis Lazuli Free Fall"

Artist:  Shahira Patni-Tejpar, Potter
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Themes: “Chai Time” (2008)/
“Lapis Lazuli Free Fall” (2007) 
Medium: Wheel Thrown Stoneware/
Hand Built Stoneware

Chai Time

Chai Time 

Lapis Lazuli Free Fall

"Lapis Lazuli Free Fall"

6 thoughts on “Shahira Patni-Tejpar: "Chai Time" and "Lapis Lazuli Free Fall"

  1. Being a creative person, able to express what lies dormant, and balancing a career, motherhood and family life? Now there is a great woman with an undaunting spirit. Bravo!!

  2. May 14, 2011

    Great works of ART!
    A Very proud moment for great grand daughter of PURIBAI from Manjewdi, Zanzibar, Tanzania and finally Canada. Great showcase moment for the upcoming Reunion in July, 2011!

    Whitby, Ontario

  3. Hi Shahira,
    So proud to see a young girl (a lady now) from my hometown show such talent in Art. Would like to see more pieces of your pottery and paintings. Beautiful work. I paint Wildlife in acrylic and would like to share that with you if you care to see it.


  4. Shahira is indeed prolific, considering that this is only a hobby for her. We need to see her at her other passion, competitive squash, and at her job, immigration consultant. Good job, kiddo!

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