Nazmu Mamdani: Artist Profile and Statement

Painting wildlife is natural to Ottawa’s Nazmu Mamdani, who is a vet by profession

Simerg is sad to announce that Nazmu Mamdani passed away in Ottawa on February 14, 2019. The brief profile below was published a few years ago. 

Profile and Statement: Nazmu Mamdani was born in Mbale, Uganda and 3 years after graduating as a Veterinarian from the University of Nairobi, Kenya, immigrated to Canada. Following fulfilling the Canadian Board exams he  worked for 2 years basically as a ‘cowboy vet’ for the Department of Agriculture testing cattle and horses and wildlife for Rabies, TB and Brucellosis before going into private practice as a Small Animal Veterinarian. He was the first Ismaili and Asian Veterinarian from East Africa to immigrate and write the Canadian certification exams thus opening doors for accreditation for other Veterinarians from East Africa.

He took up painting more seriously after watching artists on Younge Street, in Toronto during the summer of his first year in Canada. In later years he reverted to painting wildlife, which came quite naturally, being not only in the business of but also having a keen eye for the anatomy and behaviour of animals out in the wild.

Nazmu has two sons, Rafi and Kamil, who are equally talented in art and music.


Please view Dr. Mamdani’s art work at:

Nazmu Mamdani: Rafi, My little Boy; Peggy’s Cove; and Beejoe

Nazmu Mamdani: Yellow Shafted Flicker; Chippy; and Dozing Cougar

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10 thoughts on “Nazmu Mamdani: Artist Profile and Statement

  1. Great job my friend! So you finally did it! For the rest of the readers to know that Nazmu has alot more paintings than what has been printed and so we hope, Nazmu, that you will share with us the rest of your great work too.
    Amin Nasim ( Kanji) Toronto

  2. Thanks for sharing your art. Your art is truly impressive and an inspiration for me to keep trying. Have you ever thought of staging an exhibition.

    Thanks Again

    • Thank you, Mary. To hear such a compliment from a talented artist as yourself (from what I hear from Kim), is truly humbling. I have shown my work with the Ottawa Art Association at their Gallery at The Ottawa Little Theatre, at The City of Ottawa, with the Gloucester Art Association but never a solo exhibition. So, you tell me when and we’ll show our works together.


  3. I was so impressed by your paintings and had no idea of your amazing talent! I am Sultan Mitha’s daughter and although you don’t remember me, I want you to know how proud you make us all feel; I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours! God bless.

  4. Dear Nazmu,
    Not only you are a handsome, good looking dude, but you also have a great talent in painting and music. Hope to see you next time you are in Vancouver. A very Happy New Year.
    Nizar and Leila

  5. Beautiful work Naz – I am so glad that Zull convinced you to present your lovely
    pieces of art. I know that you enjoy painting, finding it relaxing and creative. Congrats and looking forward to seeing more as time allows you.

    Your friends over many years, Jacqui and Murray Ramsbottom

  6. Wow, Nazmu that is amazing – so impressed.

    Keep up the good work.

    Happy New Year 2010.

    Sadru and Dilshad Jivraj & family

  7. Great work Nazmu Uncle !

    You have such a wonderful talent; hope to see more of these in the furure.

  8. Being your classmate in Mbale and having known you since childhood, I am not at all surprised of your talent. Keep up the good work and we all are proud of you.

  9. Beautiful and really proud of an Mbale resident. I have forwarded to many of my family members. We too are offering Art classes for our seniors in Calgary and your work will be shown to inspire them.

    All the Best in your ventures!!

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