Aly Sunderji: “Within the Strand of Saffron”

Within the Strand of Saffron


You are a vast garden…

with flowers of all colours, hues, and shades.

Crocuses, lavender, thyme and jasmine.

You are the vast garden and I am but a strand of saffron.

We are all small petals and you are the vast creation

I sit in the crocus and happily sway in your majestic glory

The cool breeze sways by, and I dance by your poise

The rain trickles down and I swim in your pool of truth

I swim, play, laugh, and dance in your glory….

A pair of fingers approach me, like a sharp pair of tweezers,
and it plucks me out of the crocus I live in….
it pulls and tugs me….
and lets me dehydrate and dry out under the scorching heat of the blazing sun.

I shrivel up and become a weak fragile thread.

I am stored in a tube with an air tight seal…
I am shipped from corner to corner and am thrown around….

I spend all day and night reflecting and merging with You….

Alas, the water of truth splashes on to me and forms a colossal river around me…

The water transforms and it is now golden….
from the inner depths of my temporal being comes that pigment….
and I have swum in the golden river.

The river was once clear but with His grace and mercy,
he has turned it golden through my temporal being.

Oh faithful, do not be blind…
you need to travel no distance to attain Him….
He is within you….
just as the infinite pigment lies within the miniscule strand of saffron.

The saffron did not even know it had those infinite colours within it…
until it transformed and illuminated itself and the colour took over it and its surroundings.

One day we shall also swim in the waters of truth and be intoxicated by his immeasurable bounty and bliss.

Just like the strand of saffron we can also transform our world into a golden river and live in that very garden of our beloved.

Search oh believers, search….
Search within you….
not remote from you.

The beauty of ‘Aly will come to you….
He will be your lifeguard in the golden river he creates through you.


Please see Aly Sunderji: Snow and Souls for composer’s profile and Snow and Souls

One thought on “Aly Sunderji: “Within the Strand of Saffron”

  1. The visual imagery and deep meaning of this poem with all of its similes and metaphors are intoxicating like wine. I am moved by your creative passion and your humble respect for the blessings of Aly. The title of the poem takes us from the beginning to the very end to the final image: “He will be your lifeguard in the golden river he creates through you.” POWERFUL what this saffron had to undergo just to finally merge. You remind me of Gibran! Elegant and profound. I thank you for your creation. GREAT TITLE!

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