Collection: "The Aga Khan’s Horses" – 1938 Limited Edition, Number 81, Signed by the Aga Khan

Collection: The Aga Khan’s Horses, 1938, Signed by the Aga Khan

Note: This specific limited edition numbered 81 is now unavailable. Please write to Malik Merchant at for details and pricing of other numbered copies that we may have or be able to acquire for you.

The first-ever book on the history of His Highness the Aga Khan III’s horse breeding, training and racing activities was published in April 1938. Titled The Aga Khan’s Horses, this book was authored by the horse racing writer, R. C. Lyle who, in his dedication, states:

To H.H. Aga Khan

The only man living who has headed the Leading Owners’ List seven times

1924 1929 1930 1932 1934 1935 1937

And the only man living who has won the Derby three times

1930 1935 1936

Cover binding of “The Aga Khan’s Horses”

In his introduction, Lyle writes:

“It is a special pleasure and honour to thank His Highness the Aga Khan himself, both for his permission to enquire into all that appertains to his Stable and for the very helpful interviews that he has given.”

Besides a general trade edition, a limited number of specially bound copies of The Aga Khan’s Horses were also produced.  This special edition was bound in a beautiful olive green half calf, with the boards covered in brown cloth (emulating the racing colours of Aga Khan III). The olive green calf is accentuated with a single gold line and gold text on the spine. The upper edges of the handmade paper are gilded, with the other edges being uncut.

This special edition contains 8 colour plates and 12 pencil sketches by the famous British painter Lionel Edwards, who specialized in painting horses, as well as 16 photographic illustrations.

Sketch of Bahram in”The Aga Khan’s Horses”

Only 140 numbered copies of this limited edition were printed, of which 125 were made available for sale. A special and unique feature of these numbered copies is that they are signed by the author (R. C. Lyle), the artist (Lionel Edwards) and His Highness the Aga Khan.

Limited edition signed copies of The Aga Khan’s Horses are extremely rare and most are in private or institutional collections. This is a unique opportunity to acquire an original limited edition signed copy of The Aga Khan’s Horses. Please send an email to for pricing details. Your name and contact details, with at least a telephone number, should be provided.

Signature page of a very rare copy of The Aga Khan’s Horses

Last updated: December 27, 2020.


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