“Jubilee Golden” by Rahim Valli

Jubilee Golden
Empower, embolden
future minds; touchedmoved by your vision.
The core of every institution
grounded on principles
foundations of a renaissance,
it’s epic!
Fatimid glory
reconstructin’ our story.
Living values in action;
through faith
and hope directed,
the poor, the aged,
youth misguided,
Dissolvin’ any’n’ all fears.
Fifty magnanimous years
of momentum,
harnessed precisely
to inspire with profundity
far beyond the next fifty…


Rahim Valli’s lyrics were played out in the form of a highly entertaining rap song.

Editor’s note: The image shown at the top of the poem is not part of the original submission by the contributor.

Please click Expressions of the Golden Jubilee: “The Festival of Poetic Expressions” for more poetry and photos from the event.

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