A New Year Resolution for 2016


May little steps of kindness accumulate to become miles
May obstacles crumble in sight of our smiles
May praise and success be seen as gifts
May we appreciate diversity, not let it cause rifts

May the blue sky be appreciated before the gray
May our pride never rise,
May humility always stay
May gratitude become second-nature, and knowledge become gold
May ignorance and fear, never take us hold

May humility always fill our hearts
May we say ‘Shuker’ upon every start
May understanding continuously fill our minds
May we always leave ignorance behind

May kindness be our swords and patience be our shields
May we never ever forget to reflect and kneel
May we have the strength to cope with any rising tide
And may we always recognize the Light inside

Date posted: January 1, 2016.

Copyright: Shellyza Sajwani.


Shellyza Sajwani (also known as Shellyza Moledina) is a hospital pharmacist working within Ottawa, Ontario. Some of her past contribution for this website include:

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