“The Key” by Farrah Sheikh

Engulfed in a shroud of darkness,
as heavy and solid as the night,
So cold and helpless I stand before you,
begging you for the warmth of your light.

“Do you feel me when you look into those glistening eyes?”
I hear you say,
A voice as melodious as a nightingale’s sigh,
as clear as a summer’s day.

“I am here in front of you,
but it is for you to truly understand,
The warmth and light which you so desperately crave,
is with him who blesses you with his parental hand.

A treasure chest of secrets am I,
a reality that will never fade,
To you I give my most precious gift,
like shelter from the scorching heat in the cool of my shade.

He is as pure as the first droplet of spring rain,
a voice, a guide, your Imam,
the key to open the chest of reality,
to take away all your pain.

So this is how I care for you,
your spirit, your mind, your soul,
take the key, a secret like no other,
one to make you truly whole.”



Fahra Sheikh

Farrah Sheikh was born in London, England. She is a French, Spanish and English teacher.  Farrah has always been interested in world poetry, both new and traditional, and also has a great passion to explore other cultures.

Editor’s note: The image shown at the top of the poem is not part of the original submission by the contributor.

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