Salim-el-azhar Ebrahim: The Pragmatist, High in the Hindu Kush and The Samurai

The Pragmatist

Scented woman you are

A petaled flower soft and silken

Without which would barren remain

Unattractive to the honey-bee

Amorous smiles of deadly intent

She herself, the bait!

Plying the line, biding her time

Prithee, who the hunter who the prey?

When near, so aloof

When afar, she smiles

Messages confounding

Dissipate my strength

Kept taut on her string

I must break free!

But instinct is her ally

Timely she winds the reel

Pulled in to her shore

Shrewd eyes look her catch

To keep or throw me

Back into the sea


High in the Hindu Kush

High in the Hindu Kush

I found the monastery in my dream

I sought out its sage

And unloaded my bosom’s weight

What is truth?

I asked

Is it that which you speak

Or that which I understand?

He smiled

Frozen silent

Refused answer

Till I could no longer bear

Then, he gently said, My son

And leaning forward to my ear

He whispered

Truth is but thy conscience


The Samurai

Out of clay She sculpted warrior

Breathed life, I awoke

“Return love for hate,” She said.

But I, a human, cannot

Arrayed in golden shafts

Resplendent dawn hath arrived

My tresses I perfume

Clothe comely for Her eye

Ho! My armor. My shield.

My chariot to destiny!

Sound the battle horn

We are ready!

To victory, to defeat

It matters not

The way of the warrior

Is death!

Oh, but She smiles

Drawing out all fear

“Ho charioteer! Full gallop!

Speed us! Into the fray!”

Date posted: 2009.


One thought on “Salim-el-azhar Ebrahim: The Pragmatist, High in the Hindu Kush and The Samurai

  1. Salim-e-a Ebrahim was an extremely generous and kind man and also very intelligent. He will truly be missed.

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