Parable: Hodja’s Uneven Distribution

One day four boys approached Hodja and gave him a bagful of  walnuts.

“Hodja, we can’t divide these walnuts among us evenly. So would you help us, please?”

Hodja asked, “Do you want God’s way of distribution or mortal’s  way?”

“God’s way” , the children answered.  

 Hodja opened the bag and gave two handfuls of walnuts to one child, one handful to the other, only two walnuts to the third child and none to  the fourth.
Hodja following God's way

Hodja following God's way

 “What kind of distribution is this?” the children asked  baffled.

“Well, this is God’s way,” he answered.

“He gives some people a  lot, some people a little and nothing to others. If you had asked for mortal’s way I would have given the same amount to everybody.”


For a brief background on Hodja please click Parable: Watermelons and Walnuts

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