Poetic Expressions: The Poets and their Poetry

NOTE: This page has not been updated for a considerable length of time. We recommend that you visit SIMERG’S TABLE OF CONTENTS for a complete and most current list of articles on this website.

Please click on each poet to read  their profile and poetry (arranged by poet’s last name):

Arif Babul, Vancouver/Victoria, British Columbia

Arif Babul: Midnight Meditation (with profile)

Nazim Bhimani, Ontario

Nazim Bhimani: The Deaf World (with profile)
Nazim Bhimani: Hurricane Katrina
Nazim Bhimani: Who Am I?

Salim-el-azhar Ebrahim, Karachi

Salim-el-azhar Ebrahim: Epigrams I (with profile)
Salim-el-azhar Ebrahim: The Pragmatist, High in the Hindu Kush and The Samurai
Salim-el-azhar Ebrahim: Dialog – the Concept; Excellence; Descartes You Erred; The Art of Thinking

Laila Lokhandwalla, Toronto, Ontario

Laila Lokhandwalla: Reflections on the Golden Jubilee (with profile)
Laila Lokhandwalla: A Spring Poem for Shah Karim

Fez Meghani, Dallas, Texas

Fez Meghani: The Violin Cries for You (with profile)
Fez Meghani: The Pen in Rumi’s Hands

Khalil Merali, Vancouver, British Columbia

Khalil Merali: “Because You Care” and “The World Today” (with profile)
Khalil Merali: “Preparation” and “You are There”

Shellyza Moledina, Birmingham

Shellyza Moledina: Mawla’s Eyes and other poems (with profile)

Shamas Nanji, Edmonton, Alberta

Shamas Nanji: “Abraham” and “Abraham’s Land” (with profile)
Shamas Nanji: Light-Speed Web
Shamas Nanji: Fana and Baqa
Shamas Nanji: Ballad for Bistami
Another Shalimar (Contribution for I Wish I’d Been There)

Navyn Naran, New York State,

Navyn Naran: Calla Lilies (with profile)
Navyn Naran: Transcendence
Weaving a Web of Silence, Only to Know (Contribution for I Wish I’d Been There)
Navyn Naran: “will you be mine on the journey to Mawla” and “Your Birthday”
Navyn Naran: burning a Tower, burning a Book

Aly Sunderji, Vancouver, British Columbia

Aly Sunderji: Snow and Souls (with profile)
Aly Sunderji: “Within the Strand of Saffron” and “Dripping with Sins”


To submit poetry for publication, please review:
Modern Artistic Expressions: Guidelines for Submitting Images and Poetry

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