Navyn Naran: burning a Tower, burning a Book

burning a Tower, burning a Book

why do you burn me
out of hatred
out of fear?
for  you do not understand me,
keeping far
you don’t think near.
why shall we hoard and steal
why rape and castigate?
is license the height we crave
is that all we see  and rate?
even the river meets the ocean
even the acorn  meets the soil,
but you see it as sane reason,
and your mind, your heart, your soul,
see here, you do shirk from me
for facades, beliefs you treasure
you seek power, shining glory,
but not Knowledge of this measure.

why do you burn me?
hate me
despise me?
you are no different than
the hypocrites,
calling themselves a family.
the  poverty is none other
than that in all  these hearts
filled with mire, filled with anger
filled with ignorance
– a deepening dark
why do you curse me
when discrimination is what you hate?
when imbalance and advantage
is the anguish in your heart ache?
i hear your destitution
your gnawing, your seething fight –
for those listening are not hearing
the bitterness hurting, darkening a light.
not a fire will console you,
not a blaze, nor an eruption,
only fury, in empty vessels
growing bleekly, as black hole suction.
why do you burn me?
kafiroon of all our times
yes, give yourselves a title
your reasons, aggressive rhymes.
as oil emblazons fire
your fear  burns only you
come close,  let’s speak our hearts
our needs, but speak a Truth.
our goals? to share ideas, capacitites to meet,
for actualising our potentials is really what we seek
dignity, humanity –
but towers, books? – the burning reeks.

come hither come speak your heart,
your need, but speak your Truth.

do you think we are all born different?
or are we born the same?
five fingers on a palm might tell you
metaphors of One Creators Name.
did the flooding seek to drown us all
when Noah  in twos, with ark rose?
Does your hatred mean to speak a need?
– are these seeds an intelligent man sows?

then Nature needs to take a course
for man will kill, usurp, debase
when will fear, ignorance, bitterness
be calmed,
wait! think!
can we all live in Unfolding Grace?


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