Navyn Naran: Calla Lilies

Profile: Navyn Naran, a physician by profession, was born in Dar-es-Salaaam, Tanzania to Anaar and Badruddin Naran. The family emigrated to Britain in 1970, then to the US where she has lived since a teen.

Having received her professional training in the US, she practices in Pediatrics in NYState. She had served in the US in both jamati, institutional and non institutional volunteer opportunities since arrival in the US. She awaits other opportunites and is currently on the volunteer corps in a border town.

Her interests are varied, but here we read some of her “ditties” as she calls them, as “they roll off the cuff”…


Calla Lilies

By Navyn Naran

calla lilies and efflorescent petals galore
O our Mowla, let us You adore

quietly, with bowed heads
closed eyes in peace, soul’s alight,
walk amidst us in Your Nur
our hearts and minds Blessed; True Sight.

the Glory of Allah
Gracefully, Majestically, Lightly Strides
through avenues of carpet
between murids whose thoughts now subside.

Purity present Divinely in tune,
as One rope, One Jamat
let us be worthy ‘nd very, very soon…
our voices, with salwats,
abundant as grains of sand on this earth
the Nur of Imamat
to quench our parching thirst.

and as egos, our nafs for a second we impugn,
Bless us each over,
how peaceful, this new moon.


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