Al-Karim Jaffer: Craving Souls and Navruz Mubarak

Profile of Al-Karim Jaffer (Vancouver, Canada): Decades of life’s experiences have been instrumental in giving rise to a personal quest. Ignited by numerous events both personal, and by observing the challenges faced by many a people; deep transformations have evolved. A continuous search toward an inner-self has embarked the passion to inscribe.

Embarked upon humble beginnings in Africa, educated in Europe, this soul was further sculpted in the Americas. Along this arduous passage, a cultivating process was under way, in preparation for the future.

A small number of attempts have been made to document these learning’s and in due course it is envisaged to be shared.


Craving Souls

Munificent Imam-e-Zaman
Magnanimous Throne Gloriously Revealed
Before Humankind since merely Fourteen Cycles

Prominent Charisma, Incessantly Existed
Blessed are the Gifted Souls with Spiritual Vision
Spirits Surely Ascend Eternally Gratified

Luminosity Articulated within Resonates
Exemplifying a Passage of The Essence
For You hold the Root of Existence in Your Whim

Trivial Droplets are Your Souls, Yearning to be Elevated
Within the Domain of Glorious Spiritual Supremacy
Mercifully Grant this Aspiration, Souls Respectfully Beseech

Decades of Five, Hearts O’ Souls Humbly Glorify
Surely Your Aura Stationed by Inception
Even before Existence Awakened

Omnipotent One! Prostrated Souls Await Your Lead
Into A Humble Abode of Tranquillity
Rising Gracefully into The Veiled Eternal Sanctuary


A note on Craving Souls: The relationship between the Soul and The Divine has for some time given birth to a sense of curiosity. The content of this piece reflects the notion of how the two are tangled. Souls of all time desperately longing to return to an original milieu. Acknowledging that this is only possible with the Guidance and Blessing of The Divine Being.



Ponder Upon Time Vanished
Embrace Newness This Fresh Day Conveys
Gazing Ahead in the Journey Forward
Be Grateful for Innermost Blessings

Sacred Signs Obscured
Visible Truly with a Sincere Eye

We Bid you Kismet Galore
As A Fresh Page Is Unveiled
Reviving this New-Found Beginning


2 thoughts on “Al-Karim Jaffer: Craving Souls and Navruz Mubarak

  1. These are not just words – it is the voice of our inner soul which charts a beautiful path way for us to reach the peace; and I love my Murshid.

  2. I think this is the voice of many a hearts whose inner craving is to reach the core of the ties to the eternal with the help of the guiding light from the murshid.

    May we all reach the end of the guiding light and behold the Truth as it is. Aameen !

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