Enduring Teachings of Hazrat Ali

Hazrat Ali (a.s.) was a person of deep knowledge and wisdom. There were many people who came to him for guidance. He taught them about Islam, the meaning of the Quran, and how to live together as good Muslims. Hazrat Ali’s words are remembered to this day by Muslims everywhere. Here are some of the sayings of the first Shia Imam:

Blessed is one
who is humble regarding himself,
whose livelihood is good,
whose inner thoughts are virtuous,
whose character is good,
who spends the surplus from his wealth
and removes superfluity from his speech,
who keeps his evil away from people.

One who perseveres patiently
will not be without success,
even if it takes a long time.

One who is headstrong and opinionated perishes,
while one who seeks the advice of others
becomes a partner in their understanding.

People oppose
what they are ignorant about.

A man’s vanity
is one of the things
that inhibits
his intelligence.

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