Ataullah Asmate: "Waves off the Moon" and "Communications 5"

Artist: Ataullah Asmate
Location: Ataullah spends his time between Ottawa, Canada, and Kabul, Afghanistan.
Profile: Ataullah’s interest in arts goes back to his childhood when he started sketching using pencils. He then took an active interest in calligraphy and later started painting using oil and watercolour as the medium.
Artist Statement: He says his inspiration is nature, especially where he senses various forms  of waves. Many of his paintings, such as the ones shown here are centered around the meaning of life where Allah is central.
Medium: Waves off the Moon (Watercolour);
Communications 5 (Oil)


Waves off the Moon

Upon closer observation, the name of Allah makes subtle appearances. The artist finds meanings through waves.

Waves off the Moon


Communications 5

This work depicts unity through communication of various forms. The number five is also incorporated into the painting in various places, and used to symbolize unity as in five fingers of a hand.

Communications 5

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