The Jamatkhana

A Place of Spiritual and Social Convergence

Last March (2010), to mark the first anniversary of this Web site, we invited our readers to take one incident in Ismaili history, become a fly on the wall, and write a short narrative entitled “I Wish I’d Been There.” Thirty one accounts were received and published on this blog. Thousands of individuals took the time to read the pieces and even downloaded the complete PDF file of this educational and inspiring series (Click I Wish I’d Been There Series – PDF).

Now, as we celebrate our second anniversary, we extend to all our readers an invitation to contribute another brief narrative, entitled “The Jamatkhana: A Place of Spiritual and Social Convergence.”

In 500-1500 words, we want you to tell us how a particular Jamatkahana has impacted your life. Your contribution can, if you wish, seamlessly integrate the social, cultural, educational, volunteering and spiritual elements you have found in a Jamatkhana, and the role that the Jamatkhana has played in defining your presence as an Ismaili, connecting yourself with your brothers and sisters.

The story you weave about the Jamatkhana should be striking, educational and inspiring; it may, as well, convey a message of hope and comfort to readers around the world. In your narrative, you may wish to include the Jamatkhana’s salient features including its architecture and historical background; for example, what prompted its construction. Please note that several individuals may write about the same Jamatkhana, and that’s perfectly fine. We would also welcome images to accompany your narrative, especially rare ones that you may possess in your own photo album archives.

Whether you are writing about a Jamatkhana located in a remote inaccessible part of the world, or one that is present in a more familiar surrounding including a high profile Ismaili Centre, your spirited and passionate narrative will offfer a new and refreshing perspective on a space that has been endeared by millions of Ismailis around the world through centuries of history. We look forward to a high level of participation. Please submit your contributions to, subject: Jamatkhana.

Thank you

Malik Merchant



This initiative was launched March 22, 2011 with Vali Jamal’s Remembering Kampala Jamatkhana. However we have decided to incorporate into the series two earlier articles on the Ismaili Centre, London and Tashkorgan Jamatkhana, China. This page will be updated as more articles are added. The articles published so far beginning with the latest are:

NOTE: This page has not been updated for a considerable length of time. We recommend that you visit SIMERG’S TABLE OF CONTENTS for a complete and most current list of articles on this website.

July 10, 2013

Learning and Sharing Knowledge About Ismaili Jamatkhanas Through Imamat Day Greeting Cards

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June 9, 2012

Dubai’s Jewel: The Ismaili Community’s Congregational Space


May 29, 2012

Bagamoyo’s Historic Ismaili Jamatkhana Through Pictures, Poetry and Prose


March 28, 2012

Fond Memories of Salamieh, 51 Kensington Court, and Yakymour


March 23, 2012

51 Kensington Court, and a Memorable Function Hosted by His Highness the Aga Khan III at London’s Savoy


March 10, 2012

1953-1957: Ismailia Social and Residential Club and Jamatkhana at 51 Kensington Court, London W8

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December 22, 2011: At the Ismaili Centre

September 21, 2011: Happy Days in Hasanabad
"Happy Days in Hasanabad" by Dr. Aziz Kurwa. Simerg Special Series: Jamatkhana - A Place of Spiritual and Social Convergence.
Please click for article and photos


June 16, 2011: Memories of Nairobi’s Majestic ‘Town Jamatkhana’, formerly the ‘Darkhana’  of Kenya

Please click for article and photos.


May 14, 2011: 5 Palace Gate when it was a privilege to be in England

Please click on image for article.


May 7, 2011: The Darkhana, Canada: A Building of Graceful Architecture and Spiritual Nobility


April 20, 2011: 5 Palace Gate


March 22, 2011: Remembering Kampala Jamatkhana: Special in so many ways


Links to articles on Jamatkhanas published before the special series commenced

February 23, 2011: A Jamatkhana in Tashkorgan, China

The Jamatkhana in Tashkorgan in Xinjiang Province, China. Please click for story and photographs.


December 8, 2010: Serenity in Central London: The Ismaili Centre

The Prince of Wales is greeted by the Aga Khan during a visit to the Ismaili Centre to join a reception to help celebrate its 25th anniversary. Photo: Press Association, Nottingham, UK. Please click for article

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Date post created: April 2011.
Date updated: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 (new post added)


We welcome feedback/letters from our readers. Please use the LEAVE A REPLY box which appears below. Your feedback may be edited for length and brevity, and is subject to moderation. We are unable to acknowledge unpublished letters. Please visit the Simerg Home page for links to articles posted most recently. For links to articles posted on this Web site since its launch in March 2009, please click What’s New.

3 thoughts on “The Jamatkhana

  1. Zanzibar Jamatkhana is a unique building and has been maintained to the best possible standard. I was not able to find anything about it on this webite. Can you please help me.

  2. What a beautiful history of all these Jamatkhanas to read and learn,
    especially about the Dharkhana in Nairobi from 1920’which is now called the Town Jamatkhana. I have many fond memories of my childhood of this Jamatkhana.

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