The Imam, Manifest in the World

Poem Composed by:  Fida’i Khurasani


He is always present

a witness with his followers;

but who has seen his beauty

except the blessed?


He who is the cupbearer of

the fount of paradise

is aware altogether of

the hearts of his followers


He is the Imam of the time

the guide and comforter

the protector of his followers

whether young or old


Like the sun in the sky

he is manifest in the world

but the blind bat cannot see

his luminous face


Source: Shimmering Light: An Anthology of Ismaili Poems, ed. Faquir M. Hunzai and Kutub Kassam, pub. I. B. Tauris in association with The Institute of Ismaili Studies, 1997.  Note: The poem appears under the title “Recognition of the Imam” in the Anthology

3 thoughts on “The Imam, Manifest in the World

  1. We appreciate the envisioned objectives and mission of, to open and prevail the true and real sources of knowledge and wisdom for those members of the jamaat over the globe, who directly have no access to our Hazir Imam’s interviews and speeches. It is also vital, in the sense that when we spare time in our week end seating in rooms we can open new horizons of fresh ideas and to asses st, if we can to shape a batter tomorrow, according to our Imam’s world view for the Jamaat and the world community at large.

    Thank you indeed.

  2. The articles about the presence of a living Imam and the continuity of Imammat are extremely useful. I have been priviliged to meet a couple of Ismaili scholars from Hunza who specialize in Central Asian Traditions of the Jamat and it has been useful to know how their Jamats were influenced by the traditions of Pir Nasir Khushraw. Of course the Khojas, such as myself, are indebted to Pirs Shams, Sadardin, Hassan Kabirdin etc who brought this ‘light’ to us.

    My blog mainly deals with the issues of Palestine/Gaza, having been there 3 times, and being a Peace Activist myself, too! So your blog is particularly welcome with regard to Ismaili Literature. Thank you.

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