Mowlabapa’s 76th – Only For Us


Dear Mowla,
We never imagined the day would come so fast
Seventy-six glorious years outclassed
Together we celebrate your birthday!
As one united, global jamat

Dear Mowla,
You pray for us
You breathe for us
You work for us
You dream for us
Your murids, we are.

Dear Mowla,
Your efforts unite us
Your prayers ignite us
We ask for your pardon if we’ve erred in any way
If we forget to remind ourselves
What you do for us every day.

Dear Mowla,
We are ambassadors of these words
This our gift we give to you

Dear Mowla,
You bring us together
From, Toronto to London
Karachi to Lisbon
Uganda to Chicago

Dear Mowla,
We know you love us immensely
And you are here with us spiritually
But this is YOUR day
With your big family around the world
We love you and wish you a happy 76th birthday.

 Date posted: Saturday, December 15, 2012


Noorani DatooAbout the author (in her own words): My name is Noorani Datoo and I am a sophomore at Stephen Lewis Secondary School in Mississauga, Ontario. I believe that I am a person who enjoys the small good things in life, and I am kind and caring. I have the experience of living in many places all over the world including Canada, the Canary Islands and Spain; and therefore I am aware of cultural diversity in my immediate surroundings. My persistent passion is sport. More specifically, I enjoy soccer and hockey. I aspire to become a psychologist, and to settle in my hometown of Vancouver. These qualities along with the presence of Allah comprise my identity today.

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22 thoughts on “Mowlabapa’s 76th – Only For Us

  1. Very very very good. Keep the poems coming. You express things so beautifully. Good luck with your studies.

    Shirin, London, Uk

  2. This is good. Hoping you will carry this realization, strength an maturity through your sophomore year in college, through your sophomore tears, many in your life. There are always dangers all around you especially in the west where your identity may be not be valued or acknowledged. Be aware of this and stay proud with your Mowla always in your heart

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