“Jamatkhana” by Raziyyudin Jamani

Jamatkhana is a wonderful place
And always keeps a smile on your face!

The smile is so wide – from ear to ear,
It makes all unhappiness disappear!

And those Tasbihs that look so new,
When you use them you shine too!

To me Jamatkhana is a time of joy,
For man, woman, girl and boy!

But sometimes I wonder why people are bad,
Because it only makes dear Mawlabapa sad!

But when people are good and they pray,
It makes me want to say:

From North to South, East to West,
Jamatkhana is the best


Raziyyudin Jamani

Editor’s note: The image shown at the top of the poem is not part of the original submission by the contributor.

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One thought on ““Jamatkhana” by Raziyyudin Jamani

  1. “Jamatkhana is a wonderful place,
    from North to south
    and east to West,
    Jamtkhana is the best.”

    Bravo, Raziyyudin!
    I really enjoyed your poem.
    Please keep writing. My prayers are with you.

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