Rubina Rajan: “Nur i”, “Fury of Insight”, “Knowledge i”, “Breeze” and “Masai”

Artist: Rubina Rajan
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Profile: Currently based in Vancouver, I spent my formative years in Kigali, Rwanda. This land of a thousand hills has intilled a deep reverence for Nature. After Rwanda, I lived in Belgium before moving to Canada. Professional art-making came after many years of working in various fields including French-English translation. To date, I have had the privilege of exhibiting in various community galleries, nationally and internationally.

Art's healing power draws Rubina Rajan to paint

Artist Statement: I am an artist who creates abstract ink or acrylic paintings based on the contemplative and dynamic practice of zen calligraphy. My work is also highly influenced by lyrical abstract expressionism, particularly the works of Rothko and G.Mathieu.

It is the tremendous power of art to heal that draws me to paint. As in zen calligraphy, I paint spontaneously without any preconceived ideas other than meditating on the theme. Intuition guides the whole process as the brush takes on a life of its own.


Theme: “Nur i”
Media: Ink on rice paper (12″ x 12″)

“Nur i”


Theme: “Fury of Insight”
Media: Ink on rice paper(10″ x 12″)

“Fury of Insight”


Theme: “Knowledge i”
Media: Mixed media on paper(11″ x 15″)

“Knowledge i”


Theme: “Breeze”
Media: Watercolour on paper (12″ x 12″)



Theme: “Masai”
Media: Acrylic on canvas (24″ x 24″)


Date art work posted on Simerg: April 6, 2011
© Rubina Rajan

To view more of Rubina’s art work, please visit her Web site


Editor’s note: Rubina is currently participating with other Ismaili artists in a special exhibition in Vancouver called Waves of  Light. The exhibition continues until April 16, 2011 at the Pendulum Gallery. Please click 

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