Simerg launches “Essays and Letters” on its 2nd anniversary and invites Ismaili writers to contribute literary essays and reviews

In celebration of our 2nd anniversary, Simerg announces a new section called Essays and Letters. This will be a venue through which we will seek to bring the best writings in fiction, nonfiction, art, film, theatre and literature written by Ismaili writers – those who have established themselves in literary circles as well as anyone who has a love and passion for writing on diverse topics. Our hope is that you will make this new initiative rich and stimulating in content. Your contribution should be submitted to

Our first piece in this new initiative is Childhood Games written by Mohezin Tejani, a globetrotting Ismaili Muslim exiled from Idi Amin’s Uganda. Tejani is writing his memoirs in a trilogy: the first volume “A Chameleon’s Tale: True Stories of a Global Refugee,” published in 2006, was a finalist for a PEN book award in New York.

Date posted on Simerg: April 4, 2011
Date modified: August 31, 2014


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