“A Beautiful Voice” by Hala Khalaf-Alhaj

صوت جميل

سمـعتُ  صـوت رنيــم                          يهمـس للـروح قـومي

هذي رؤى  الحــق  بانت                          و هــللت  للرحيــم

فاليـوم عـرس البرايـــا                         يوبيـل مـولى كريــم

مولى هـدى الـروح حـتى                         سمـتْ بعــلم العليـم

خمســون  بالخير مــرت                        واليـوم من ألف يــوم

فـكل لحظـــة حــب                        دهــرٌ  لدى القــيوم

ما  القــدر إلا  ارتقــاءٌ                         عند التقـــاء الحكيـم

في ومــض عينيه  نــورٌ                         عمّ  الـدنى بالنعيـــم

وللقـــلوب ســـلامٌ                         و  بهجــةٌ   للحــلوم



(Translated from Arabic)

A Beautiful Voice

Today is the Golden Jubilee
I hear a beautiful voice
Whispering to my soul
To start celebrating
With the rest of the world
The Golden Jubilee of
Mawlana Shah Karim.
In fifty years, his achievements
Were so many as if each day
Was like a thousand days.

To see the Imam,
Even for a second,
Is worth the whole life.
The real meaning of
The Night of Power
Is the spiritual elevation
Towards the Imam of the Time,
Whose Noor gives grace to the world,
Peace to the hearts
And happiness to the faithful



Hala Khalaf-Alhaj ( هلا خلف ) is a Syrian dentist and poet currently living with her husband and 2 daughters in the UK.

Editor’s note: The image shown at the top of the poem is not part of the original submission by the contributor.

Please click Expressions of the Golden Jubilee: “The Festival of Poetic Expressions” for more poetry and photos from the event.



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