Sonny Sultani: Artist Profile and Statement

Sonny Sultani: "Hit by a beam of luck"

Sonny Sultani: "Hit by a beam of luck"

Sonny Sultani, aged 29, is a graduate of Northwestern University, Illinois, with a Bachelor of Philosophy (honours) degree in Communications. He resides in Chicago and loves to write poetry, which he says “brings peace at the end of my day.” He adds, “In poetry, I can talk about things that thrill or disturb me, I can converse with God, or I can just simply be – It’s perfect in nature.”

Sonny’s engagement and flair with the visual arts and his identity as an “artist” is a more recent phenomenon in his life, happening “when a beam of luck hits you.” After purchasing a set of a watercolour set for his wife, Nusrat, he decided to draw on some blank boards he had purchased at the same time. After finishing a drawing of a lighthouse, which impressed Nusrat, he went on to draw a “Whirling Sufi” because of his addiction to Sufi devotees and their devotion to God.

Sonny has created a blog to keep tabs on those who have done devotional Islamic Art, mainly of those Muslims who have created modern or classical paintings, sculptures, and calligraphy. He hopes that his blog will serve as an anthology of such art, preserving and cultivating art for modern times.

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Sonny Sultani: Whirling Sufi

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