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  1. Dear Malik, Ya Ali Madad, Thank you very much for sharing Ali Karim’s excellent travelogue of our area. I am an Ismaili from Hunza, Pakistan. If anyone needs further details about Silk Route destinations, Hunza Valley, Ghizer & Chitral, please do let me know!!!

  2. Dear editor:

    It is a great compilation of thoughtful philosophy of Islamic people.I like it very much indeed and would like to participate as a contributor in your simerg.

  3. It is a reward to get this personally written Memo from you to us all, Malik. It gives an insight of your experience in your previous country under Portuguese rule, and glimpses of the past experiences. Thank you..

  4. ….
    Dear Mr. Abdulmalik J. Merchant ,
    Ya Ali Madad ,
    And , Congratualtions , for Creating , Conducting Such Web Site ,
    Useful to All , in Search of Knowledge ,
    Particulary Ismailis All Over World ,
    Your Hard Work and Strugle is Reflected ,
    May Mawla Bless You and All with You in Din and Duniya , ….Aamin ,
    I shall keep in contact with you , on your e mail , provided herewith ,

    Ya Ali Madad ,
    With regards
    Mansoor Noorani

  5. Dear Sir, I write this note form Badakhshan, Afghanistan. I follow this website and always enjoy the information you prepare on this website.

  6. Excellent work. A good legacy for our future generations. You won’t know me but I know your Mom and Dad very well and served with them when I was a member of the then Ismailia Association for the UK and again when I was privileged to have been appointed as a member of the first Tariqah Board for the UK.

    Do convey my fondest regards to them.
    May Mowla bless you.
    Huzur Mukhi Mohamed Hajee
    Morden, Surrey UK

  7. I was feeling very low and tensed today…was searching for Hazar Imam’s pictures, as looking at all those makes me feel good and gives me inner strength. But suddenly something reminded me that I had visited this site before but had never read any articles. Today, I went through articles and everything and it is an amazing site! Reading the various articles made me happy and my innerself felt strong and blessed. Thanks for the great knowledge and your services….keep it up. May Mawlana Hazar Imam bless everybody.

  8. Ya Ali Madad,


    I am a student and was just searching for Pirs and Ginans and came to this Website. This is excellent work and it feels great to gain so much literature altogether from a single place. Thank you is just not enough for your great and worthy help. You made my day; your articles and work will surely bring great happiness to my mother. God bless you.

  9. The work is impressive and worth reading. I don’t have words to praise you for this worthy work. Keep it up and Mawla will help us all.

    Baig Ali Toojik
    Ex. Hon Secretary Council Islamabad

  10. I enjoy reading your website and articles, and commend you for bringing forward and sharing some unique articles that are hard to access, discuss or otherwise find.

  11. Ya Ali Madat Dear Malik,

    Excellent, excellent job – I lost count of the time while exploring your site. How could it be any different? Though I was a kid I still recall Master Jehangir and Mastarnima’s teachings – my brothers and cousins more than me as they were a little bit older. Whenever we get together we remember one or other occurences while we had the pleasure to have you in Lourenzo Marques.

    I wonder if you can still remember us – Aziz, Iqbal, Yunass and of course me Shemin, it would be a pleasure to hear from you.

    Please convey my love to your parents.



    • Dear Shemin,

      Fortunately I remember (almost everything) from age 4 onwards! Your family will never be forgotten by us. You looked after Fahar and me when my dad ended up being at the internment camp because of his Indian citizenship after India annexed Goa. This (internment) was a retaliatory step by the Government of Portugal. Alnoor was just born, and my mum ended up at the military hospital for almost 5 months. Your parents and other Jamati members in LM looked after all of us. Unfortunately, whatever little Portuguesa I spoke is forgotten…except the hide and seek song un aviao saide bazaar onde qer parare menino…how about that!

      One thing I will mention is about the day when we ended up at your place all of a sudden… I remember this vividly. It was Dua time and while we were saying it I heard a loud noise of trucks passing the avenue. I stood up and opened the curtain and I saw military lorries and I knew something was wrong. I remember your dad telling me…everything is fine…it was painful…I was about 8 and Fahar 4…it was your care that helped us pass through the crisis. Later Fahar and I spent a few months at Gulamali Rawji’s place. We are grateful for your sincere family like care…you never refused us anything…

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