Shahira Patni-Tejpar – "Multi-Colored Matungi", "Funky Blue Bowl" and "Vertical Vessel"

Artist:  Shahira Patni-Tejpar, Potter
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Themes: “Multi-Colored Matungi” (2007);
altered “Funky Blue Bowl ” (2007); “Vertical Vessel” (2006) 
Medium: All shown are Wheel Thrown Stoneware

Multi-Colored Matungi


Multi-Coloured Matungi


Funky Blue Bowl


Funky Blue Bowl


Vertical Vessel


Vertical Vessel



See Shahira’s profile and images of  some of her other works at:

Shahira Patni-Tejpar: Artist Profile and Statement
Shahira Patni-Tejpar: “Chai Time” and “Lapis Lazuli Free Fall”

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