Shamas Nanji: Light-Speed Web

Light-Speed Web

just did what needed doing

Sealing the opening with filigree
A film of its celestial pedigree
An instant web this spider wove
After the two into its cave dove

Perhaps the reason it was alive
Ensure the message did survive
The right place, the right time
Grace given with no downtime

No questions of their coming
Like, “Who are you escaping?”
Just did what needed doing
A creature fulfilled its being

The two who went into hiding
The Messenger, his pal abiding
Another took his place in bed
Makkans caught him instead

The quarry had taken flight
They followed into the night
Dismounting to see the cave
But the spider made its save

With its task done scurried on
Much later its legend lives on
Of the fork in those times past
And a spider making its cast

The Messenger staying alive
Is part of the human archive
His migration or the Hijra
Signals the start of a new era

But in this human dimension
Is the little spider’s contribution
Its light-speed web a difference
Like darkness and luminescence



Light-Speed Web: This apocryphal story celebrates a little creature that changed the course of history.“The Messenger” is Prophet Muhammad (upon whose name be peace); “his pal abiding” is Abu Bakr – the Messenger’s companion in the Hijra from Makkah to Madinah; “Another took place in bed” is Ali – the Messenger’s cousin and son-in-law.

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