Nasir-i-Khusraw on The Excellence of ‘Ali

The springtime of a friend of  ‘Ali
is always full of the efflorescence of  ‘Ali;
None deserves eminence and praise among
the people except he who befriends ‘Ali.

The heart of every Shi’i is protected
from Satan in the fortress of  ‘Ali;
As ‘Ali is from the Prophet’s family
the true Shi’i belongs to the family of  ‘Ali.

‘Ali’s cave is of knowledge, not stone
for stone does not befit the glory of  ’Ali;
The clouds of ta’wil do not shed their droplets
except on the trees and seed-fields of  ‘Ali.

Husayn and Hasan, the Prophet’s reminders
were none other than the reminders of  ‘Ali;
Truly no one can be saved from the fire
unless he comes under the protection of  Ali.

One thought on “Nasir-i-Khusraw on The Excellence of ‘Ali

  1. Very happy to pass sometime in your website. I am looking for the book: “Miftah wa Misbah” of Nasir-i-Khusraw (See below an extract of the book mentioned by Ivanow in his translation of Shish Fasl “Roshnainama”)


    Extract from Roshnainama:

    “…The story of the obedience and humility of the ‘Aql to God has been narrated with various philosophical indications (ba-dalil-ha-i-i ‘aql) in the book Miftah wa Misbah which we composed before this (pish az in)…

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