Nazmu Mamdani: Yellow Shafted Flicker; Chippy; and Dozing Cougar

Artist: Nazmu Mamdani
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Yellow Shafted Flicker”; Watercolour
“Chippy”; Acrylic on mat board
“Dozing Cougar”; Watercolour

Yellow Shafted Flicker

Beautiful bird of the Woodpecker family



My boys named this chipmunk Chippy in the children’s stories we conjured up about him.


Dozing Cougar

This female cougar was a resident of the Peterborough Zoo, Ontario. Not too long ago she escaped from the zoo along with her partner. It took three days for the local police and the Rangers to round them up and return them to the zoo!


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15 thoughts on “Nazmu Mamdani: Yellow Shafted Flicker; Chippy; and Dozing Cougar

  1. Everytime I see your paintings, I think they are breathtaking. You are a phenomenal artist and I look forward to seeing more.

  2. Hey Nazmu,
    Thanks for sharing these amazing paintings–the Yellow Flicker is amazing in detail. Way to go! We have seen examples of your poetry and songs and this adds to the all rounded scientist and artist. Look forward to seeing more. All the best for 2010.

  3. Hi Nazmu (Uncle)

    Nice pictures!! I LOVE the yellow flicker, but was wondering if it’s correct at the top when it says “watercolour” is this not an acrylic on matte? If it’s watercolour, the vibrancy is incredible. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to more. Also great to see a picture of your kids, as Rafi was just a baby last time we met.

  4. I really enjoyed seeing your paintings. I particulary liked the one of Chippy. You capture the soul of the animals you paint. Very touching. Congratualtions on getting your work on the internet. Carolyn

  5. You have it all – Dr/Singer/Artist.
    Keep it up and we hope to see more of your paintings.

  6. The unique combination of your love for animals and for painting Wildlife has perhaps made it possible for you to discover in yourself a greater awareness of the beauty of nature. Your other art is equally stirring and reflect your emotions through paints and canvass! Enjoy your hobbies of painting and music….they are Heavenly gifts !

    Zull Mamdani
    Vancouver, BC

  7. Good stuff Nazmu, but nothing tops my squirrel!! Still waiting for his mate!!
    Congratulations for finally getting recognition.

    • My humble appreciation for your and your dad’s (who himself was a an artist of some caliber) encouragement over the years. We’re still working on a mate for that squirrel in your dinning room!!


  8. Very beautiful paintings. Not only are you a wonderful vet, you are also a very talented artist.

  9. Hey sis sent me the site..nice going, will definitely have to hook up the next time I am in Ottawa and have to commission some work for us..Good luck and all the best.

  10. Nazmu Mamdani, if from Mbale, would have known my late brother Dr Mohamud Bhatia who was, I think, the first doctor there, at first serving in H. H. The Aga Khan dispensary (the equivalent of a today’s Health Centre). His wife was Nabat, and my nephew Shamir live in Vancouver along with some few other relatives I have in Canada.

    Dr Mamdani is, no doubt, a superbly gifted artist, although he has a Doctorate in Veterinarian Science! I wish him my success and a very happy 2010!

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