Navroz 2012: Four Poems


By Asif Ali Khowaja

Horizon there in the east turns crimson bright,
As day of New Year will majestically soon rise.

Parrots up there in the tress are singing a welcome song,
The peacock appears enchanted as he merilly dances along.

Yes, my thoughts naturally turn towards Him who creates everything,
Nothing in the world is beyond Him, He is the Supreme Being.

Every second of our life, we live only because of Him,
We owe our life, our body and even our soul to Him.

Your eyes do not perceive Him, but you can feel His presence there,
Every beat of our heart loudly says, “HE is here, HE is here”.

And Navroz reminds us to solemnly resolve once again,
Right from the bottom of our heart we shall always remember HIM night and day.

* * *


By Shirin Hirji

I welcome you with all my heart
When all the flowers are out.
Birds singing, bees buzzing
In the glorious spring sunshine.

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
A myriad of colours which follow
Like a rainbow.
Saying: it’s Spring, It’s Spring

And with it bring
Smiles and laughter
From fathers, mothers, sons and daughters.
Shouting HERE I COME.

* * *


By Almas Nathoo

Springtime is chance to say goodbye to winter and to welcome the Spring Season;

Springtime is the time for daylight savings, which makes the beautiful Sun set one hour late;

Springtime is also positively linked to good health and well-being;

Springtime is the time to enjoy beautiful outdoor activities;

Springtime is when the Snow and Ice begin to melt and the raining season starts;

Springtime is when the Rays of Warm Sun provides us with important source of vitamin “D” for our bodies;

Springtime is when the food is fresh and also vegetables grow in our gardens for making Green Juice, which is made from Wheat grass;

Springtime is when the fresh air and sunshine are available from our Mother Nature, which is created by God;

Springtime is when children, cats and dogs want to go out and play with other kids, while parents socialize with friends and other family members;

Springtime is a wonderful time to appreciate the beauty and bounty that the Mother Earth has to offer;

Springtime is when the Tulips, Garlic and Sunflowers start to bloom and show their beauty from underground;

Springtime is when Mother Nature offers many opportunities to people such as exercise, hunting, gathering, fishing and other forms of recreation;

Springtime is also time for Wedding Season, when many couples tie the knot to be together forever;

Springtime is a rosy time for the whole year, with blessings from our Spiritual Father.

* * *


By Shanil Khowaja

Good bye to the past year with its abstracts bends,
Problems have dissolved as the old year ends,
The rising New Year smiling at us,
Lets face the sun that is shinning upwards.

Feeling the presence and the answer is there,
Prayer takes us where destiny holds our share,
Every new year demands reclamation of personality,
Tears of repentance and promise of fidelity.

Lets make the first purchase of this year’s stepping recognition,
The beautiful of all which is our Soul’s Satisfaction,
But the currency which it demands is a unique endeavour,
No worry! We all possess it, so lets circulate the brotherly behaviour.

Date posted: March 20, 2012.

Copyright: 2012.


About the contributors:

(1) Asif Ali Khowaja is an electronics engineer based in Hyderabad, Pakistan. He has participated in essay and story writing contests as well as contributed a poem for  Poems for Peace Contest organized in 2011 by the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs – please see UNODA Poetry for Peace.

(2) Shirin Hirji is originally from Nairobi, Kenya, where she served at Parklands Jamatkhana for twenty years until 1982. She then immigrated to the UK, and worked in a Leicester Borough’s  Education Department, before settling in London in 1988 where she spent several years with the Wandsworth Electoral Services. She is fond of reading.

(4) Almas Nathoo is a retired health care aid giver, and lives in Kitchener, Ontario.  She enjoys reading, writing and gardening. She was born in Tanzania.

(4) Shanil Khowaja is a student in Hyderabad, Pakistan. He contributed a poem for Poems for Peace Contest organized in 2011 by the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs – please see UNODA Poetry for Peace.

Each of the above contributors will receive “Where Hope Takes Root” by His Highness the Aga Khan.


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