Parable: Not Being Afraid of Seeking Out the Truth

A teacher was travelling with his four pupils. It was night time and the road was dark. Suddenly,  a strange figure appeared before them. It seemed to have a huge head, and an odd-shaped body. The teacher asked his pupils whether they knew what it was.

“I don’t know what it is,” said the first pupil.

“I don’t think it’s possible to know what it is,” replied the second.

“We must wait until there is enough light to see what it is,” suggested the third.

The fourth pupil did not give an answer.

Instead, he walked towards the figure until he was quite close to it. What a surprise greeted him. He laughed and laughed.

The strange figure was nothing more than three pumpkins piled on top of one another! He went to his teacher and told him what he had seen.

The fourth pupil was brave as well as curious. He was not afraid of looking for the truth. It was only by searching that he found the answer.


One thought on “Parable: Not Being Afraid of Seeking Out the Truth

  1. We usually fear what we don’t know and most of the time we are too scared to confront the truth. We end up never finding out the truth and so it’s a vicious cycle of living in fear of the unknown. If we are to really to contribute positively to the younger generation and to those around us, we need teach each other, learn from each other and equip each other to face the unknown with courage, wisdom and responsibility. Instead of giving power to the unknown, let us conquer our fears and use every challenge to build opportunities.

    Catherine W-Saha
    – PYP coordinator, Aga Khan Nursery and Primary School, Dar es Salaam.

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