Nazmu Mamdani: Rafi, My little Boy; Peggy's Cove; and Beejoe

Artist Nazmu Mamdani with his sons Rafi and Kamil

Artist: Nazmu Mamdani
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
“Rafi, My little Boy”; Watercolour
“Peggy’s Cove”; Watercolour
“Our dog, Beejoe”; Acrylic on mat board

Rafi, My Little Boy

A painting of my son Rafi when he was 1½ years old



Peggy’s Cove

A famous sight on the Nova Scotia seaside


Our Dog, Beejoe

A Golden Retriever named Beejoe…the second


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16 thoughts on “Nazmu Mamdani: Rafi, My little Boy; Peggy's Cove; and Beejoe

  1. Totally awesome. Your brother Zull shared your incredibly beautiful work with me. You are indeed blessed with a great gift…such joy and warmth in the paintings. May Allah allow you to do loads more paintings!
    Thanks again,
    Amina (Minu)

  2. Finally!! We’ve always felt that your talent of such beautiful paintings should be seen by public at large…we are both glad that you have decided to do so…keep it up my friend!.
    Nasim and Amin (Kanji)

  3. I still can’t believe you can do such Great paintings!!…I love them. Good stuff Nazmu!!

    • Thank you Pervis. I saw the beautiful Pottery from one of the Patni family and was equally proud to see such beauty and talent emerging long ways from Mbale. We are blessed, indeed.


  4. I am so glad you have at long last decided to share one of your talents. Your paintings are truly stirring; I hope you will continue to paint and continue to share!

  5. Hello Nazmu,
    Very proud to see your paintings, you always were gifted, Inshallah will connect with you soon,
    Victoria, BC.

    • Thank you, Muslim. You and your Photography have, as many other family and friends, have been a constant inspiration in my art work.


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