Sonny Sultani: Whirling Sufi

Artist: Sonny Sultani (SS)
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Theme/Title: Whirling Sufi (2008)
Medium/Size (if available):
Watercolour,  5 in. x 7 in

Whirling Sufi

The artist on “Whirling Sufi”

I am addicted to Sufi dervishes who whirl in devotion to God, and decided to draw of one as my devotion to God (this I thought had some irony). When I finished the drawing, I decided at first not to sign it – I did it later and should not have done it, because I felt I had distanced myself from it. In a way, my form of devotion left me with a new identity as an “artist” and if you were to ask me why I chose the colours I did or if there are any hidden meanings – I would tell you  “No, I really didn’t think this image through in that regard.” It was done as my expression of my love for Allah, something like that o f a child who draws something in a colouring book hoping to catch his parents attention.


Sunny Sultani: Whirling Sufi

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