Fez Meghani: The Violin Cries for You

Fez Meghani of Irving, Texas, seeks to reach out to the Muslim World

Fez Meghani of Irving, Texas, seeks to reach out to the Muslim World

 Profile: Fez Meghani, aged 33, received his degree in Business from the University of Texas at Dallas. He is  currently a music producer for PlaneTunity Records. He has in the past produced musical works such as Aag, City of Light, The Evolution of Creation and A Golden Sunrise, and, is currently working on an album that he hopes will reach out to the Muslim world at large. 

References: Most of his poems have actually been ‘musicalized’  into songs that have appeared on his albums. His website is www.fezmeghani.com and he has a facebook fan page containing his music and lyrics at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fez-Meghani/30529472512

Motivation and Inspiration for “The Violin Cries For You”: A Violinist playing a Violin in such a manner, that he weaves a story of thirst, search, finding and annihilation with just an instrument. The lyrics are the result of those very notes of the violin. I was inspired to write The Violin Cries for You after reading Rumi’s poetry about the Reed.

The Violin Cries For You

(featured on www.Poetry.com)

Awareness Floats On The Sea Of Pain,
Light Years Lie Between I And You.
As The Storm Becomes Perfect
No Difference Between The Crimson And Blue
          Awake Me, From This Misery; Save Me From The Hew
          Please, I Say; The Violin Cries For You…

Down And Deep I Sink Away
I’m Drowning In The Misty Dew
As The Drop Falls Upon The Dunes
I’m Locked Within The Sand, It’s True!
          Blow My Troubles All Away; Keep Me In Your View
          Please, I Say; The Violin Cries For You…

Eyes Open To The Forest Wild
I Witness The Flow Of Blood Renew
As The Bruises Turn To Wounds
I Never Stop To Continue
          I Feel The Love, The Pain; I Really Do
          Please, I Say; The Violin Cries For You…

Traversing All The Distances
Upon The Wind Without A Clue
As The Lightning Graciously Strikes
I’m Torn Apart From The World I Knew
          I See The Violin; I See Me; I See You
          The Violin Becomes Me; And I Become You…

11 thoughts on “Fez Meghani: The Violin Cries for You

  1. Hey Fez
    Heart wrenching, thought provoking and stimulating the dead brain cells as always.

    Now for some music to the ode?

    Keep those words flowing


  2. Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments, folks! 🙂

    Heena, what you’re saying does make sense. However, I don’t know if I’m into poetry books, yet!

    Azmat, yes, I did write it in the present tense because I wanted to convey a sense of writing while its happening.

    Zahra, sorry it made you cry; I apologize!

    Rehan, thanks for the honor!


  3. I read the poem before reading comments relating to “Motivation and Inspiration”, and the tone and rhyming of the poem automatically took me to Rumi.

    I must say the rhyming is awesome. The idea is inspired by Rumi but the theme is your own. Overall, i just loved reading this poem.

  4. hey fez bhai
    great poem but it made me cry cause of the situation i am in…
    deep words…
    good work

  5. Very deep! I actually had to read it twice. Very nicely connected, smooth flow, and really good end!

    One thing I did notice is that this is written in present tense. So, I read it again and tried to read it in past tense. I liked it either way, and I think the present tense has its unique flow.

    Good job!

  6. Really interesting, especially in comparison to the “Reed.” In that poem Rumi talks a lot about the separation of the reed from the field to show the yearning for the Divine, but yours actually seems to unite the yearning to the object being searched which I’m guessing is the Divine to still show the same distance between the two. If that makes sense…

    Anyhow..great poem Fez! Keep up the great work!

    p.s. write more and you can get a book published!!

    This is AMAZINGLY beautiful !
    You can ACTUALLY feel the pain in each and every word..
    It is VERY touching !!
    Words are SO beautifully arranged to create the feelings ..
    I must say .. HATS OFF TO YOU !!

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