Modern Artistic Expressions: Guidelines for Submitting Images and Poetry

Modern Artistic Expressions

Modern Artistic Expressions

Please read the precursor article  Modern Artistic Expressions first, before you review the guidelines below. 

For the time being, images and your poetic compositions should be emailed to A special form will be designed and available at a later date to facilitate on-line submissions.

All the following must be provided in your email (except for option fields) for your submission to qualify for publication:

Personal information:

  1. Your full first and last names. Anonymous contributions will not be accepted.
  2. Your  address, telephone number(s) and email addresse(s). Note: Each contributor will be contacted by telephone or other means to authenticate identity.
  3. Your contribution will not be accepted unless you comply with (1) and (2).
  4. Your contact details noted in (2) will not be published.
  5. A brief profile about yourself, including your age, education and profession.
  6. A summary of your artwork, and, your motivation and inspiration for creating them.
  7. A summary of your poetic compositions, and, your motivation and inspiration for composing them.
  8. Relevant publications, including web sites, where your poetry/artwork has been published, cited or reviewed. These will be provided as references.
  9. If applicable, any current exhibitions  of your art work.
  10. If applicable, any current  public readings  of your poetry.
  11. If applicable, dates and locations of your future exhibitions and readings
  12. Note that you need not be a professional artist or poet to contribute, but the quality of  images and compositions should be representative of “good” original work. Your submissions should reflect this.
  13. If you are under eighteen years of age, your parents or guardians should submit images/poems on your behalf as the case may be.

 Image Submissions:

  1. Each image should be an image of your original art work, and not of anyone else’s work. This must be declared in your email.
  2. The number of images you can show on the web site at any given time will be limited to twenty.
  3. Images should be in jpeg/jpg format. Please photograph and scan them with a high resolution (300 dpi). Low quality images may not reflect the true quality of your original art work.
  4. Each image should be limited to a maximum of 2MB.
  5. For each image of the art work, please specify:
    • Title of the Art work
    • Year created
    • Medium (for example – sculpture, ceramic, oil on canvas etc.)
    • Dimensions/Size of the original art work (in inches or centimetres)
    • Description/Meaning of the art work if you have one
  6. Your original art work can relate to any theme and topic of interest to you. Note the work need not be religious or necessarily carry a religious undertone or connotation. There are examples of both religious and non-religious art work in our introduction, Modern Artistic Expressions.
  7. Do not submit images which are inappropriate for the general public. This means that people of all ages should be able to view  your images without being offended in any manner.

Poetic Submissions:

  1. Each poem must be your original composition, and not anyone else’s work. This must be declared in your email.
  2. The number of your poems published at any given time will be limited to twenty.
  3. The poem may be in any language, but an English transliteration (where composition is in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic  etc.) should be provided. All poems should have an accompanying English translation or, alternatively, an explanation in English of what the poem is about.
  4. The original, transliterated and the translated versions of the poem will be published.
  5. You may provide a summary or detailed  explanation of your poem, if you wish to.  See (3) for non-English poems.
  6. As noted above in Image Submissions (Item 6) the poetic composition may be on any theme or topic and is not restrictive.
  7. Please format and style the poem the way you want it to be published, noting that during viewing browser limitations/behaviour may override the desired style/format.
  8. Please submit the poems in PDF, Word 97-03, or Wordperfect formats. Alternatively, include it within your email message, noting that in some cases reformatting is possible during transmission.
  9. The poems may be on any theme of interest to you as previously stated, however avoid language that is deemed to be offensive and inappropriate for the general public.

Note: All art work and poetic compositions will be published at the discretion of the publisher and editor of based on their suitability, quality and merit.

We look forward to hearing from all interested Ismaili artists and poets.

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